Website maintenance is a vital component to any online marketing plan and critical to the overall success of a website.

Content Updates

Keeping a website’s content up-to-date captures the attention of users and keep them coming back for more. In addition, new and ever-changing content helps with a site’s placement in the organic search results of the major search engines. The search engines place more importance on a site that is regularly updated than one that hasn’t changed significantly in months or years. Plus, your new content, whether a news item, client newsletter, or product information update, will be naturally keyword-rich, further boosting your opportunities in the search engines.

We provide website maintenance services for many sites that we did not originally design, but that found themselves in need of a company that could provide quick turnaround and responsive, high-quality website maintenance services.

Tracking Visitors

As a part of all new website development projects, we install online web analytics using Google Analytics that provide 24/7 data related to a site’s traffic. The analysis tells us who visits your web site, where they come from, how they search and how long they stay. In addition, it provides meaningful feedback regarding the effectiveness of the SEO work for the site. Specifically, it tells us which search engines sent visitors to your URL over the specified period of time and what exact keywords/phrases the searcher used to find you. In addition, this reporting helps you identify the most effective of your paid online advertising campaigns. You can see exactly how many visitors were sent to your site from other sites, allowing you make better decisions about how limited advertising resources are allocated.

Site Maintenance

Regular maintenance is needed to keep software versions up to date (particularly important with WordPress sites), sites backed up, and features and functionality working.  Using Google’s Webmaster Tools we can monitor the health of a website and make updates as needed to ensure it functions properly for visitors and is accessible to the search engine’s spiders.