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How to Transfer a Domain?

FREE Domain Transfers

You can transfer all your domain names to us now for FREE. You will only be asked to renew the domain if it is within 90 days of expiry. Domain name transfers are always processed instantly but can take up to 5 days to complete. Some global domains names require you to renew on transfer.

Transferring your Domain Name

Add your domain name to the shopping cart by entering the Domain Password and clicking “+Add” and click “Transfer Now” button to start the transfer process or alternatively use the transfer box below to transfer more domains.

What is my Domain Password?

Every domain name has a password also known as the Registry key, this password is created when you first register your domain. To retrieve your password please visit this link

If you are not the owner of the domain name you will have to contact the domain name owner / provider and request the Register Key / Password.

What do I do when I have the Register Key / Password?

Simply email [email protected]¬†with the following information outlined below.

First Name
Last Name
Business Name
Domain Password