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Megabitts Apps Unlimited keep your business at the forefront of the competition with mobile apps. An impressive and valuable example of technology up-gradation is the development of mobile apps. In today’s market situation, the success and survival ratio of a business depends largely on its ability to develop a user-friendly and advantageous mobile app. To catch and hold customer’s attention and to make long-term relations with them, it is needed for a business to develop an app that effectively satisfy the customer’s requirements.

At Megabitts Apps , we give you the ease and flexibility to captivate customer’s attention.



SafeTrip is designed to help keep people safe whilst commuting to and from their intended destinations.

If you’ve ever felt vulnerable travelling on public transport, taken down your girlfriend’s cab number or worried your child made it to school safely, then SafeTrip is for you.

With a unique and quick check in system, SafeTrip provides your family and friends the security of knowing you reached your intended destination safely. The level of visibility can be totally managed by you so that your entire trip can be monitored or you can simply ensure that an alert is sent to nominated people notifying them of your location, should you fail to check out of your trip or are in an emergency situation.

SafeTrip provides the security and comfort of knowing that someone is watching over you where and when needed.

Make every trip a great trip with SafeTrip!

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